Krakow is a beautiful city where you can spend a lot of time in any way you like. Do you like visiting monuments? In Krakow, you will find the largest medieval market square in Europe, hundreds of churches, zero-class buildings and a cultural park entered on the UNESCO list. You will also find hundreds of restaurants and bars of all kinds in one place, where there is always something happening every day. For those actively relaxing – the surrounding valleys near Krakow, Jordan Park, Błonia, Kościuszko, Krak, Wanda and Piłsudski Mounds or Zakrzówek and Twardowski Rocks – all this will provide you some nature and healthy trip.

The competition itself takes place in the very center of Krakow – near Kazimierz, Podgórze and the Market Square – where you basically have everything in place.

Glossary for visitors:

  • bania [banya] – a glass of vodka, eg 6 banya, please!
  • piwo – beer
  • siemanko – hello!
  • zośka – footbag;)
  • sznycel [schnitzel] – local minced cutlet, for example, a schnitzel with potatoes
  • pierogi – polish dumplings
  • na pole – to go outside, for example, hey, let’s go na pole!